About Us

Cosplayer Life is a social networking project that aims to connect cosplayers from across the planet, enabling them to meet, communicate and exchange experiences.

Every member, in addition to his profile and the ability to share photos, movies and "moods", has a personal blog where he can write articles and reportage for the whole community (or just for his friends if he wants). This makes Cosplayer Life a "cosplay magazine" managed directly by you (but take a look at the "terms and conditions" page before posting).

The opportunity to create events opens the way to Cosplay Parties, meetings, competitions and travel groups for cosplay festivals around the world.

With regard to cosplay events in the world, all of them are welcome and have the opportunity to have a page on this social network, to participate in the community and advertise their event.

In addition to the portal, also try our Androis and iOS Apps (look for "Cosplayer Life")

Although you can help with donations or participating in translation management in your language and more, remember that this social network is free and will always be!